Our machine type TK5C-200GL was designed for applications of long production runs and usual changes of material sizes.

Due to the consequent use of CNC functions the setup of this machine type can be done almost automatically by touch screen.

This model is designed for the use of carbide tipped saw blades and spray mist.

The cutting capacity in solid material is up to round 200 mm.

  • Saw head mounted on linear precision guides
  • Heavy duty gear construction with magnetic powder brake
  • Variable cutting speed by inverter drive
  • Hardened blade guides and clamping jaws
  • Carbide tipped saw blades
  • Automatic chain magazines (Optional)
  • Material feed by ball screw and servo motor
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping system
  • Chip collection system by steel belt conveyor
  • Automatic sorting of trim cut and rest piece
  • CNC control with touchscreen
  • Touch screen operating
  • Error code and diagnostics by touch screen
  • Control of saw blade load