Today's high production cutting requires sawing equipment with the proper balance of precision, simple operation, reliability and output, while giving due consideration to environmental concerns.

The newest model TK-80GL is the result of a consequent advancement based on the full automatic machine series TK5C and TK. It is equipped with cermet tipped saw blades of the newest generation. The TK-80GL is based on higher cutting speed by use of powerful driven units. It provides almost dry cutting surfaces, close tolerance parts with a CNC control of all cutting parameters and highest output / h.

TK-80GL TSUNE EUROPA Sawing machine for steel
  •     Heavy duty gear construction with magnetic powder brake
  •     Variable cutting speed by inverter drive
  •     Hardened blade guides and clamping jaws
  •     Carbide tipped saw blades
  •     Automatic loading magazine
  •     Increased speed of material feed by ball screw and newest servo motor technology
  •     Horizontal and vertical clamping system
  •     Chip collection system with higher output height
  •     Automatic sorting of trim cut and rest piece
  •     CNC control with touchscreen
  •     Touch screen operating
  •     Error code and diagnostics by touch screen
  •     Control of saw blade load
  •     Automatic moveable chip cover