Tsune Cutting machines and saw blades

Tsune Seiki Japan is the only manufacturer in the world who produces cutting machines and saw blades.

The goal for you: Only one responsible supplier for machine and saw blade. No more discussions between machine and saw blade manufacturer concerning performance and quality of your cutting system.

You want to update your cutting unit by using ball screws and servo motors for your cutting feed?

You want to increase your cutting capacities?

Or using our thin kerf saw blades on your machines in order to save an important quantity of material per year?

Tsune Europa GmbH is the German subsidiary company of Tsune Seiki Japan. We can offer you a wide product range of cutting machines (from 1 to 260 mm capacity) and saw blades for different use (from 250 to 1200 mm).

In addition we also offer different kind of magazines, units for handling your off cuts or systems that can chamfer, punch or stamp your off cuts in line.

Have a look at our website to get some impressions about up to date technologies.

Needless to say that you are welcome to discuss your cutting job with our application engineers face to face at your facility.

Contact us and benefit from our decades of cutting experience!


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